Permanent and complete rehabilitation for children in rural adoption agencies

Our ability to find homes for 171 children over a period of 3 years is perhaps, our largest single achievement. The trend of rural adoptions which is now a practice was started by us.

Malnutrition eradicated
Malnutrition often leading to acute health problems, a common phenomenon in many adoption agencies has been completely addressed in the agencies supported by us!

Court Orders pending since 2005, cleared

Court cases pending in District Courts of Orissa since 2005 have now started moving; The Hon. Chief Justice of Orissa High Court has directed all District Courts to ensure that all adoption cases are processed as per pre-defined timeline.

Indian NGO Award-2009 ( Best NGO in the ‘Small’ category – West zone)

CSA won the The India NGO Awards instituted by ReSource Alliance with the Nand Jeet & Khema Foundation in 2006. The Award seeks to:

    • Promote good standards and practices in resource mobilisation, accountability and transparency.
    • Recognise and celebrate excellence in the non-profit sector.
    • Identify and strengthen successful resource mobilisation practices.
    • Create examples and inspiration for other non-profits and promote cross-regional learning.
    • Promote the overall credibility of the non-profit sector for long-term sustainability.

Giants International Charitable Trust Award-2013 (Special Appreciation Award)       

Dasgupta Appreciation AwardMrs. Bharati Dasgupta,Co-Founder and Trustee For CSA [Catalysts for Social Action] was felicitated with a special Appreciation Award’ by the Giants International Charitable Trust on 30th November 2013 for  committed and continuous support provided to noble social service activities.

The President of Giants International Federation – 1 B, Mr. A.S. Madhavan handed over the award to Mrs. Dasgupta at a ceremony held in Mumbai. The award was given to recognize CSA’s and Mrs.Dasgupta’s work done at a boy’s home in Panvel – Balmandir which houses 65 boys. We provide support to this orphanage in many ways such as conducting Spoken English classes, computers have been donated and we conduct Computer training classes. Many fun activities such as ‘fruits of the season’ distribution, games, drawing competitions, festival celebrations etc. are conducted regularly.

This is a fine recognition of our continued efforts in enabling holistic care of children in orphanages and making a valuable difference.