The adoption scenario in India remains grim due to cumbersome adoption processes, lack of clarity surrounding rules & guidelines, poor orphan conditions, adoptive parents in urban areas whereas orphans waiting for adoption majorly in rural areas and social stigma associated with Adoption.

Of late, we have been riddled with doubts about the future of adoption. The number of children being adopted is shrinking. This is borne out by the CARA statistics (table below). Except for the years 2010 and 2011 (an incremental shift that was perhaps, the outcome of additional state level adoption agencies being brought into the CARA network), the numbers are falling.


Source: [CARA website] [CARA website]

Recognizing the ground realities of child care conditions and adoption scenario in India, CSA actively promotes adoptions with an aim to ‘Find a Family’ for every orphaned child as far as possible.

CSA identified that while the adoption agencies in large cities had waiting list of prospective parents desirous to adopt, there are many adoption agencies in rural areas where children were languishing. Our approach for adoption from rural agencies in the states of Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Goa is connecting prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt with an agency that has an adoptable child meeting these parents’ requirements. CSA now works with over 20 adoption agencies in these rural areas and has directly facilitated the placement of over 215 children from these places with loving families. Some of our ‘Adoption Success Stories’ can be found here (link to Adoption Success Stories). CSA has, with the help of Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) moved children from children’s homes to adoption agencies so that they can be placed with families.

Adoption Information Repository
We provide helpful adoption related information to information seekers – donors, parents seeking to adopt, volunteers, Government agencies etc. – by maintaining an Adoption Information Store. We also track improvement in adoption scenario at grass root level. CSA provides information/clarifications on eligibility, rules, procedures and regulations regarding adoptions in India. We network locally with Government Officials, CWC, Judiciary, Police, agencies, orphanages and other stakeholders that are a part of the processing chain. This enables us to simplify the adoption process for persons who need assistance with adoption process.

Advocacy & Sensitization on Issues Related to Adoption
CSA works to promote & advocate procedures and information laid down by CARA, at various levels. In addition, CSA also conducts sensitization programmes for the Police, Child Welfare Officers and Judiciary about adoptions and how to promote and facilitate the same.

In a nutshell, CSA plays the role of a ‘catalyst’ in promoting adoption of children in rural adoption agencies.

ImpactAdoption Facilitation - Siblings Twin Girls adopted
* One of the highlights of 2013 was that of a sibling – twin girls aged 4 years who were adopted by a single parent, Ms. Lekha Parameswaran from Chennai. Considering that it is difficult to find parents for older children and that too siblings, this is indeed remarkable and a trend-setting example.

* Adoptive Parents get-together organized in Bangalore in Nov’2013 in collaboration with the Vathsalya Charitable Trust, a noted Adoption Agency. The highlight of the day was the presence of the adopted children who had also been invited. Those happy faces reflected the transition from an orphaned life to a family life. For us, that was the key motivator! And of course, the parents were delighted!

* Several Grassroot Level Awareness programmes organized in Maharashtra, Odisha & Madhya Pradesh to advocate and sensitize stake holders towards the cause of adoption

* Adoption of Special Needs children – Love Trust Special Needs Home in Buldhana district, Maharashtra (India) was initiated by Love Trust organization in 2009 that caters to children with special needs – children who are physically and mentally challenged. CSA has been supporting this home since inception. Caretakers and physiotherapists appointed have worked diligently with the children & most children have shown an improvement in their ability to carry out their day to day tasks, their IQ has improved and many children now go to regular schools and are doing well academically. 3 special needs children have been successfully placed for foreign adoptions with parents in the US, Germany and Spain. CSA hopes to continue the good work and have many more special needs children find loving and nurturing families!

* We successfully facilitated the adoption of a 5 year old girl child in Goa. Firstly, identified that she is a total orphan growing up in an orphanage; facilitated movement from an orphanage to an adoption agency; and then, she was adopted by a familyAdoption Facilitation - Adoptive Parents get-together Bangalore

* The first case of ‘Foster Parenting’ in Goa has been facilitated by CSA in 2014. A 12 year old girl has moved in with her foster mother, indeed new beginnings for both mother & daughter!