Advocacy n Research - Survey team in MP


As part of our advocacy initiatives, CSA escalates issues that deter the childcare & adoption process and seek government / judicial intervention to bring about change in policies & processes. We work towards creating public awareness about adoption and issues related to children living in orphanages/ childcare institutions.

We work with the State Women & Child Development (WCD) departments on implementation of the ICPS (Integrated Child Protection Scheme). We liaise closely with the Child Welfare Committees for easier movement of children from orphanages to the adoption stream, thereby, greatly increasing their chances of adoption.



* Published a book on Adoption in 2009 – ‘A Family for Every Child’ – a book with a range of perspectives on adoption was published by CSA in 2009. The book covers a wide range of subjects that include an overview to the Adoption scenario in India, parenting concerns, a child’s search for closure and the Joys of Adoptive parenting. Articles are written by individual stakeholders and speak of their personal experiences. The Book is edited by Shibani Jain, herself an Adoptive parent and one of the Co- Founders of CSA

* Completed extensive survey on orphanages in 25 districts of Madhya Pradesh in 2013 – Mapping of child care institutes in Madhya Pradesh was carried out by the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), Bhopal which was sponsored by CSA. Primarily this study was aimed at creating a database of all existing care institutions in selected districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh