Why Partner with CSA?

1. Sustainable development through partnership-
Through cross sector partnership, we can truly leverage the strengths and expertise of each other to deliver permanent and sustainable impact to the lives of underprivileged children. We not only believe in significantly impacting the lives of children, but also to add value to your brand and help you demonstrate meaningful corporate citizenship by supporting a worthy cause.

2. Good governance-
We follow highest standards of transparency, accountability and ethical behaviour. We monitor and evaluate all our projects to ensure proper utilization of resources allocated. Good governance is the foundation of our work as we feel responsible for the generous contribution of all our donors.

3. Dedicated to the cause of child welfare rehabilitation for children living in orphanages-
All our efforts are dedicated to optimize rehabilitation outcomes and to support orphan care through child centric projects at Childcare Institutions. We do all that we can to provide holistic ‘family like’ support and to ensure these children better lives through adoption rehabilitation outcomes wherever possible.

Increasingly, customers and employees want to trust brands and organizations with high ethical credentials and who are socially responsible. The opportunity exists for corporates to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate through our various partnership options. Partnering with CSA on CSR projects, not only gives you an opportunity to adopt responsible behaviour but also involve your employees as well as your customers in our endeavour to transform lives of underprivileged orphans.

Support a Project

Our initiatives to enable holistic child care include child-centric and focused programs through projects in areas of Health & Hygiene, Nutrition, Education & Vocational Skills Support, Exit Preparation, Infrastructure support, Child Protection & Capacity building of CCIs (Childcare Institutions). Our constant endeavor is to transform and bring about a permanent change in lives of children across Childcare institutions.

To further this noble cause, you can choose to adopt an entire project or a part of it based on its area of focus for any of the Childcare organizations. CSA will act as a link between your organization and your selected cause. We will execute, monitor & evaluate the work done. Through our experience and expertise in the areas of child care, we will be able to help you deliver in the most effective way to create a lasting impact.

Payroll Giving Programs

CSA’s Payroll giving program for corporate houses lets the organization’s employees make regular or one off donations to programs of their choice from their earnings. It is a simple and a tax effective way for donors to make a contribution to improving lives of underprivileged children. This will help your organization to address social issues, project a socially responsible image and boost employee morale.

We devise a payroll giving strategy for the corporate, assist and guide HR through the process and monitor and evaluate the progress of programs supported by you and share the impact information. For the program to be successful, it requires support from management as well as the employees.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

CSA believes that it is equally important to spend time and engage with children at Childcare institutions besides the monetary support that is required. As an organization, several employee engagement/volunteering initiatives can be undertaken by partnering with CSA. This gives corporate houses a unique opportunity to enhance employee participation and morale and support a cause organization wide. On the other hand, children gain so much more from their interactions with employees and it is a great opportunity to share one’s talents, time and skills with eager little minds!

For more information on our employee engagement/volunteering opportunities, click here.

Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing offers a win-win proposition for your organization as well as for us. By partnering with us and supporting one or more causes/campaigns, you can address important issues by providing resources and funding which will help us to go the last mile in solving real time problems. There are various ways through which you can support a cause and provide a platform to garner support for CSA’s efforts.

Some of our causes/campaign initiatives are as follows:

Sr.No. Particulars Participation/Contribution
1 ‘Recycle a Bicycle’ Donate old bicycles not being used, else make a monetary contribution so we can purchase bicycles for children at orphanages
2 ‘School Chale Hum’ Campaign Contribute towards school books, bag, uniform and stationery items for children at the start of every academic school year
3 ‘Grant a Wish’ During ‘Joy of Giving Week’ in October, efforts are made to fulfill children’s wishes – employees can participate and contribute
4 Hygiene Campaign Promote healthy hygiene practices amongst orphan children by sponsoring contents of a ‘hygiene kits’ (toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing soap & washing soap)
5 ‘Khiladiyon ke Khiladi’ Donate or contribute towards indoor & outdoor sports equipment/training so that orphan children have a chance to engage in sporting activities

Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year, CSA organizes and conducts various events and activities for orphans in Childcare institutions. These activities involve awareness drives related to child centric issues like hygiene, care & protection etc. or celebrating occasions or recreational activities.

We also conduct and participate in major events like Marathon challenge, Tax Saving challenge, Charity Dinner/Brunch etc. You can support CSA through our Marathon corporate campaign ‘Run for CSA’ held in Pune/Mumbai/Delhi. You can request to run for CSA by filling up a form that will be made available to you after getting in touch with a CSA representative for the same via mail or phone. All these events are conducted on a large scale, involve many people and garner lot of support from the public.

By sponsoring a CSA event, you not only ensure that your brand or organization reaches out to a wide range of people, but you also partner with CSA in raising funds and raising awareness about child care issues.

Donate Loyalty Reward Points

Donate Loyalty Reward Points program is a unique way your organization can support orphan child‘s basic needs such as food, shelter, education, hygiene products and so much more by involving not only your employees but also your customers. Partnering with CSA would help us to raise resources for our child centric programs by enabling customers to redeem Reward points by donating it to one of our projects. Supporting CSA’s efforts in transforming lives of orphans would help you to project a socially responsible image of your brand or organization in front of a large audience.

Support to Cover Our Expenses

Like every organization, we too incur many operational costs in conducting and managing day to day activities. Some of these costs can be underwritten by corporate houses. Partnering with CSA to underwrite some of our operational expenses would help us to cover our expenses and focus on our initiatives.

To know more about you can partner with CSA on any of the above listed opportunities, write to us – info@csa.org.in