India fares poor on most child well being and social indicators. The scenario is graver when it comes to underprivileged orphans whose needs are grossly neglected by the society. At CSA, we envision a nation that cares for and protects its orphaned children in need and ensures that every child is nurtured into a happy and contributing member of Society. The choices that we make and the efforts that we put today will bear witness to our tomorrow. Hence, there is an urgent need to address structural roots of orphan care deprivation including lack of education and other basic needs. We do all that we can to support orphan child care needs for holistic development and to ensure them better lives through adoption rehabilitation outcomes.

Having said so this change requires huge concerted effort and we cannot do this without your support. By donating to CSA, you are gifting a brighter future and ensuring a better present for underprivileged orphans, empowering them to shape their own lives. The money that you donate goes directly to orphan welfare. Your contribution will go a long way in transforming and securing lives of many underprivileged children.

Following is a list of donation options categorized on the basis of our key focus areas. Kindly select appropriate options that suit your philanthropic needs:

Donation Plan Donation Amount
Holistic Child Care for a year
Covers Education Support, Supplementary Nutrition Support, Health Checkups and Study Tour
Education Support for a year
Covers School fees, Uniforms, Tuition fees, Stationary etc.
Supplementary Nutrition Support for a year
Covers Milk, Pulses, Fruits, Vegetables etc.
Health Checkups & Hygiene Kit for a year
Health Checkups – Covers Physical, DentalENT & Gynaecological examination(for older girls) Hygiene Kit – Contains toothbrush, toothpaste, Bathing & washing soaps etc.
Be a Change ‘Catalyst’
We accept any donation that comes from the heart!