Stakeholder training - CSA roadshow at Accelya Goa office


It is imperative to engage critical stakeholders like social workers, care takers, lawyers, Govt. officials, higher authorities of institutions etc. In order, to continuously bring about an improvement in the procedures that govern childcare for children residing in orphanages and childcare institutions.

CSA conducts relevant awareness and sensitization workshops for all these different stakeholders. We work with officials, trustees and management of childcare institutions to better equip them to handle enhanced child care. We have been conducting workshops and raising awareness amongst childcare institutions to register under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 and thereby, avail of the benefits and funds available to cater to the needs of children and overall management of the childcare institution.

We also conduct awareness roadshows for our corporate partners with a view to create awareness on CSA’s work and the various programmes we are engaged in, so that employees get a first hand account of the work happening at grassroot levels.

Stakeholder Training - CCI caretakers workshop - PuneImpact

* 35+ workshops conducted for grass root level workers, CWC, police, adoptive parents etc.
* Conducted 15+ training programs for 100+ agency staff (Image attached)
* Helped 6 orphanages register under the Juvenile Justice Act, 200
* CSA roadshows were done in Goa, Mumbai and Pune Accelya Kale offices to create awareness amongst staff regarding the work we do, support required and how they can engage and help. Post these sessions, we have received a heart warming response in the form of payroll giving, nutrition support, volunteers, hygiene kit support etc.